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Einstag LLP

About Us

Albert EINStein’s intelligence and practicality.


Rabindranath TAGore’s creativity and philosophy.


The two completely opposite yet the most influential minds of their respective fields formed the pillars of our companies values and vision, thus the name EINS+TAG.


With the world moving into a technology driven ecosystem we realised the need for innovation like never before, but, a non conventional form of innovation, innovating human relations and their indulgence in the society we live in today.


The empathy for human creativity and innovation has made us take questionable decisions which sound crazy enough at times , but our team and our extended family of artisans and service providers stands strong with the vision to change things for good.


It has been the key driving force of growth in human history but innovation of human thought processes, is the need of the hour, creating a sustainable and more accountable network around us.


Yes, we do believe that technology can change the world and it has done its bit so far and its time for humans to step up the game too, we couldn’t deny humans are and forever will be the most powerful, the values and ethics humans carry within themselves make them more than just mere working machines they can change the world for good even today more than any machine ever could. And this made us come together as a team of young entrepreneurs to start a one of a kind project, we named, EINSTAG.


In this fast progressing world driven by technology we still acknowledge human thought processes and creations more than mere wired networks and huge storage spaces.


Our team works together with artisans and service providers around the globe with a prime focus on building a sustainable and reliable ecosystem where human commitments are valued more than legal documentations.


And believe us this has done wonders for our customers beyond either of our imaginations, our artisans have delivered quality products you just cannot define on paper and our service providers have always gone the extra mile to help the one’s in need.


We cannot emphasise more on how grateful we feel to be a part of this ecosystem where humans have valued each other more than the trade they do.


We are constantly working on automating the whole experience for all our collaborators and customers for a smoother and more reliable experience with us.


The prime focus has always been to bring together everyone on the same page in terms of technology and innovation, supporting our artisans who are focused on creating unique, durable and eco friendly product designs, and our service providers focused on providing competitive sustainable solutions for the global market.


Innovating technology and human relations together has been an exciting journey for us so far and we look forward to achieving our unique milestones in the years to come.

Name of Company Founder Mr. Baibhab Narayan Pal & Mr. Tanveer Hasan
Year of Establishment 2020
Nature of Business Exporter & Trader
Number of Employees 150-200
Annual Turnover 5-10 Crore

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